Distorted Reality & Fragmented Memories, explores anxiety through photography. My eternal quest as an artist is to express myself in a way that touches other souls. This project reflects the conscious feelings of anxiety and unconscious uncertainty during the pandemic and lockdown period. While isolated, daily activities became repetitive. It felt like “Groundhog Day.” These feelings of anxiety and uncertainty proved to be shared among humanity. Anxiety is a versatile beast that keeps reforming itself. It sees no gender; it knows no barriers. By photographing different individuals, I seek to capture shared feelings at times of trouble. My concept is reflected in photos of people hiding behind semi-transparent objects. The objects metaphorically represent feelings of anxiety and uncertainty we so masterfully hide and block, therefore; the objects concealing parts of the models’ faces act as barriers to the viewer. Creating this project, I realized that the underlying fear, anxiety, and uncertainty are only warped suppositions that do not have a valid basis in my reality.
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