My series of photographs are about the dreams people have during their sleep state. The photographs represent some form of struggle, trying to escape and being trapped. The dreams that I portrayed in my photographs came from friends, family, and my own dreams, personal experiences, and surroundings. We all shared the same feeling. “I feel heavy, and I am unable to move and almost everyone woke up in a panic as the dreams felt so real.”

The bigger meaning regarding the collection of dreams leads up to human nature and the lack of connections. The common denominator of my dreams derived from the lockdown and what happened during the pandemic. The anxiety and the stress levels manifested all around the world. The voiceless, the suffocation, and the trapped all of which are similar to being in isolation or under lockdown for a long period of time. The limitations enforced upon us and the distant feeling that comes from a gap in the connections with other people such as relatives and friends and the relations we all have. This is my journey in the exploration of dreams, thoughts, and emotions. This project has become very important to me, and it is something that I enjoyed exploring and creating.

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