Title: Camel Invasion Dallah

Depicting images of the camel, which is the ship of the desert.
Exploring relationships among geometrical shapes, intertwining figures in mirror images and repeating patterns of the camel.

Architectural Digest is celebrating its second anniversary and has invited me to be part of their charity event.

Architectural Digest produced large sized Dallahs, as a symbol of the region's genuine hospitality and invited artists to customize it using their own unique style.

This is a special invitation as Architectural Digest Middle East is celebrating two years in the region and, to highlight the occasion, Architectural Digest are organizing a Royal charity event. This is the second time AD is hosting an event of this kind, allowing to extend the joy of our anniversary to the ones in need. With the 2016 edition of the AD One of a Kind exhibition supporting underprivileged children, UNICEF.

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