Editorial-style images are created with the aim of enhancing the narrative in the text and conveying a specific mood or tone to the viewers. They are an essential aspect of storytelling and can help make the content more engaging and impactful. I have produced a series of ten editorial-style portraits that showcase various aspects of talent, wardrobe, action/drama and lighting. These photographs form a small yet cohesive collection that revolves around a central theme, both intellectually and visually. My art is self-directed and unified around a particular concept. For instance, I captured my boxing coach in the boxing gym and created a short story that depicts his day at the gym. The photos encompass his preparation for training, his training routine as well as one of his coaching sessions. They depict both my coach and the surroundings that express the physiognomy of a boxer. The backdrop and setting of the photos are as vital as the model, as they enable me to establish an atmosphere and create a compelling editorial portfolio. My editorial-style photographs capture the essence of the boxer in the gym, making them visually stimulating.
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