I was walking around the industrial area and saw this car workshop with lots of old cars outside; I stopped in my tracks. My attention went directly to a car that had rust all over it; the rusty colors, the textures, and the dirty windows everything about it was fascinating.

I made about 100 images of all the cars, but mostly this rusty Chevrolet, and from all angles. When I could not open the doors; as the people working the car workshop were watching me; I managed to make my photograph through a small hole in the broken window of this Chevrolet. This single image sums up the feeling I had when I was making the images outside on a dusty road in 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) and being watched. I was very happy and satisfied with the results I got. Certainly, I had to go home to a cool shower. Mission accomplished; goal achieved.

It’s like peeping through a hole looking for more details and looking inwards. We often look outwards to people, places, and things; but how often do we turn that sight inward? Looking within; either at a reflection or a blurred out reflection or even in this case, through a small hole in a cars window, and to discover something, and see something. Perhaps it is a form of self reflection to look within.

Slowing down and to examine every part of the subject, taking a moment to think, feel, be in the moment, observe the fine detail and compose. And now we must turn the gaze inwards to improve ourselves. The metaphor of looking through the hole to the driver seat is like looking inward to your soul and who you are.

See every part of everything and yourself. “To be able to find beauty in small things makes it possible for you to find beauty in everything.”

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