Icons from the UAE Wild Life & Nature

-The Arabian Leopard: represents strength and courage. It is native to the UAE.

-The Camel: represents stamina, endurance and survival. The Camel also provides us with fun, leather, meat and milk. Camels are native to the UAE.

-The Falcon: represents vision, knowledge, rising above and guardianship. Falconry is a popular sport and status symbol amongst Arabs. Falcons are native to the UAE.

-The Fish: represents life sustainability as it was and is the main source of food that makes up the Emirati menu. Harvesting fish was and is the traditional lifeblood of the UAE community and a valuable source of protein.

-The Fort: represents protection and security. Forts were for used to defend the area from invasion but now serve as museums.

-The Gazelle: represents speed, grace, agility and beauty. It is native to the UAE.

-The Horse: represents beauty, loyalty, strength and intelligence as the Arabian horse is as much a part of Arab tradition in the UAE as the camel or falcon.

-The Palm Tree: represents victory, triumph, peace and eternal life, as it is a part of Arab cuisine or meal that includes a welcoming plate of Dates and Gahwah (Arabic coffee).

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